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Carnegie Elementary
Updated July 2023

Appropriate dress and good grooming are recognized as positive factors for maintaining a learning environment where students can feel safe and secure. Students are expected to show good judgment as well as respect for themselves and others. Dress and personal grooming should not present health or safety problems, cause actual disruptions of the educational process, or offend common standards of decency. The following student dress code uniform guidelines are to be followed by each student.


All tops and hoodie colors are white, dark green, navy or gray.  Please follow these guidelines:

  • Short sleeve polo shirts must have a collar.
  • Oxford long sleeve button down must have a collar.
  • Can wear a Carnegie shirt any day of the week with a uniform bottom.
  • Under shirts must be solid uniform color with no design or print. 
  • Sweatshirts/sweaters/hoodies can be worn as outerwear in solid uniform color. 
  • Only Carnegie logo or design on tops worn.  Includes sweatshirt and or hoodie. 
  • Hood cannot be worn on the head in the building.


All bottom wear colors must be khaki, navy, black, gray or Carnegie plaid and must follow these guidelines:

  • Bottom wear can be slacks, capris, shorts, skirts, and jumpers.  
  • Skirts, dresses, or jumpers must have tights or shorts under them. 
  • Jumpers must have a uniform colored shirt worn underneath. 
  • No holes. 
  • An appropriate length for shorts worn as a main garment is considered to be no shorter than where the child’s longest fingers reach when arms and hands are fully extended at his/her sides, or 6 inches above the knee, whichever is longer.
  • No sagging or excessive tightness or bagginess. 
  • Jeans of any color are not appropriate uniform pants. 
  • Leggings, or tights worn alone are not appropriate uniform pants. 
  • Leggings and tights must be a solid uniform color.  No design or prints.


  • Closed toe shoes ONLY! Tennis shoes are strongly encouraged. 
  • NO high heels, backless shoes, flip flops, sandals, slippers, shower shoes, cleats or roller shoes 
  • Socks must be any solid color. No design or prints.


  • Coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc., must be stored in students’ lockers or cubbies. 
  • Hats, caps, curlers, sweatbands, bandanas, or scarves may not be worn within the school building unless prescribed by a physician and approved by the school administration.
  • Headbands with adornments such as ears, horns or any decorative headbands are not allowed. 
  • Sunglasses, unless prescribed by a doctor, shall not be worn to class or within the school buildings.
  • Visible pierced jewelry shall be limited to the ear.
  • Expensive jewelry is discouraged. If worn, earrings must be small. Large hoop and dangling earrings are not allowed for safety reasons.


  • Every Monday students can wear work out attire such as sweats and shorts.
  • Athletic wear only.


  • Picture Days
  • Selected Study Trips
  • Other days designated by the principal. 


  • A teacher can contact parents to bring the article of clothing if needed.  
  • If referred to the office, the school counselor or health clerk will contact a parent or guardian to bring an article of clothing that meets dress code.   Teacher of that student will send the uniform policy to parents by hard copy or email. 
  • The student will return back to class until the article of clothing arrives unless it is distracting to be in class until the correct uniform arrives. 
  • If unable to reach parent or guardian, counselor or health clerk will provide the article of clothing needed if available.  
  • Chronic offenders will be referred to the school counselor.  The school counselor will determine if financial assistance or a referral to the principal is needed.